My 1st Half Marathon- Twincity Marathon 2016

Date/day: 24/1/2016 (Sunday)

Distance: Garmin: 21.35km. Official: 21.195km

Timing: Garmin 2:52:48 (sebab ter’pause’ masa solat Subuh). Official : 2:56:38

Venue: Cyberjaya, Selangor.

Assalamualaikum. Race ni dah nak dekat 2 bulan berlalu. I have been waiting so long to share this race report. Cuma saya terlalu busy dengan kerja dan memang line tak clear untuk saya update di office juer.

Untuk yang belum tahu… this was my 1st half marathon setelah sekian lama saya menunggu & dah training bersungguh-sungguh (sungguh ke?). Saya dan Tun sangat excited lah. Mula-mula kami ingat nak sewa hotel di Cyberjaya je. Tapi sebab terlambat booking maka hotel fully booked. So nampaknya Tun kena tumpang tidur di rumah saya je. Lagipun tak jauh mana pun. 20 minit je driving ke Persiaran Flora Cyberjaya.

Saya jemput Tun di LRT station bawak motor ok! Dah bertahun-tahun saya tak bawa motor. Eh..saya ada lesen tau. Tapi sebab dah lama sangat tak bawak motor saya nervous lah. Takut nak membelok hahaha…saya macam lurus je ke depan. Lepas tu bila nak brek saya siap brek dengan kaki di jalan raya…kah kah… sewel…


Janji kami selamat sampai ke rumah saya. Tak jauh pun.. few kilometres je. So..dah sampai ke rumah kami lepak-lepak sekejap dan terus tidur.

When I woke up the next day, I found a lilttle note from my husband saying “Steady 21k babe!” Aww… thank you honey!! Breakfast – Tun ate 2 half boiled eggs & roti canai banjir for me. Lepas tu kami terus ke Cyberjaya. Jeng..jeng.. jenggg..!!!

So the race went well! I ran as usual follow my own sweet pace (which is s.l.o.w) hehe. I remembered my ‘coaches’ said that I don’t need to set any target since this was my 1st half marathon so just have fun & finish strong. At first I was following the 2.30 pacers until KM8. After I sipped some water they left me…deenggg…

It was the time for Subuh prayer. So I prayed under the fly over. It was a new experience for me & I like the feeling hehe. It took me for minutes to finish my prayer & I think that was when the 2.45 pacers left me behind.Oh well…it’s okay. We have to know our priority, our responsibility as a Muslim. Pray wherever you can if its the time to pray.

My right leg cramped on KM18. Wooo.. no joke man..maybe because I jumped suddenly onto the road devider to cross the road. Well you know.. I am a 37 years old mom hehe.. so I have been using the same legs for ages… hehe. Despite the ache… I just dragged my feet to the finishing line which was like too far. The last 200m was the hardest man!!

Finally I reached the finishing line!!! My legs hurt like they were burning! I cried.. not because of the pain but because I was sooooo happy that I ran 21k. I went to the medic tent and continued weeping until the medic girl asked me “Is it really really painful Kakak?”

I answered “No lah… I am just too happy & emotional because this is my 1st HM”
She laugh a bit & tepuk belakang saya and said “Congratulation”.

I quickly snapped pic of my garmin FR225 & whatsapp my ‘coach’ Intan Suraya. With the caption “I hope you are proud of me :)” She was very proud of me & said I deserve a BIG hug from her when I’m back home later.

My bff Tun did well too. I’m so proud of her. I have soooo many photos but these are my fav:-



I have few of these finisher tee. But this one I earn it with my sweat & tears. The others only because the races were cancelled. ☺


This is a candid photo of us two. I love it soooo much. Kami nampak happy sangat.

I look more like dancing Zapin than running kan..? Haha…but seriously 1st experience is the BEST!! Go run girls!!

Finally, officially I am a half marathoner!!

Till the next race!!! Tata!


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