My Bestfriend’s Wedding

I knew Moie since we were in our 1st year in UTM. She’s the cutest one. Really manja & people also manja her so much. Hehe.

But after uni she changed from the shy shy one to the furious one & hey-doncha-play-with-me kind of girl heheh. She even went to Nigeria to work. She is one independant girl. Then she came back to Malaysia. Then went off again this time to Qatar to work and met the man of her life there.

No worries though… her man is Malaysian too..hihi. So here is to the Shy shy manja girl yang pernah saya kenali. I still love you no matter where you are & how manja or garang you are. You can still be manja with us “The Pinkies PWTC”

Selamat Pengantin Baru my lovely girl friend!!

The Pinkies PWTC. Since 1997

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One thought on “My Bestfriend’s Wedding

  1. Awweee….thanks Kintelopan for d lovely write up….me love you so much too. Hope our friendship will last till Jannah dear….x0x0 😘❤️😘❤️


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