My Virgin Full Marathon – TwinCity Marathon

Date/Day : 15 January 2017 (Sunday)

Distance : 41.75km (Garmin), 42.195km (Official)

Timing : 6:25:01

Venue : Cyberjaya

Hi everyone, after a few series of half marathons, I have decided to try Full Marathon. Even though I was quite shaky as usual, deep in my heart I knew that I can. Nervous is my middle name he he but so does determine.

My ex-colleague Yusrad has already promised to pace me for my virgin full marathon and we decided to go for Malaysia Women Marathon in March. But out of no where my tiny sifu Intan Suraya urged me to do Twincity Marathon for my Virgin Full Marathon which will be a day after my 38th birthday.

“It will be your sweetest present ever Taaannn” she said..bluerghhh I felt like puking right away because nervous hoooiii… Anyway.. I registered for it & signed up for Nike + training (online training aje). I have only like 3 months to train. So what eveeerrr….

“I’ll pace you Taaannn… till the end, promise!!” katanya… huummm… the cut of time for TwinCity Marathon is 8 hours so I think it is perfect for my virgin FM lah kan. The route also almost flat and the race will start early at 4.30am. So by 10+ am I’ll be will finish my run.

14th January was my birthday. So my family decided to tidur the D’Pulze Hotel to celebrate & easier for me to run the next day.

The plan was run for 21km then run-walk till the end. Okay.. I guess I can. No target timing but I was hoping to get 6:30 hehe…can I? We started running at 4.30 am. Steady pace until KM21. Only stop at the water station to sip some water. But I tell you… I did not only sip. I minum betul-betul 2 cawan each station! Haha..

I know it’s not good for me.. but I cannot help it. After KM21 we run-walk but until KM30 I started to get tired & membebel-bebel kepenatan. Ada disediakan the famous Nasi Lemak anak Dara at KM25 I think. But I cannot eat lah.. how to eat nasi lemak while standing & there was no spoon?! TanSu diam aje sambil layan cakap-cakap memberi kata-kata peransang konon. KM32 saya dah jadi macam zombie. I don’t want to run anymore.

TanSu said.. “It’s ok.. we walk until KM40 then we run till the end ok?” Well hell yeah please!!! Walk Pleaseee!!! We talk (read: gossip) about lots of things. We walked for 8 kilometers! Who want to walk 8 km? I don’t want to but I did.

KM40 then TanSu ajak saya lari. But my legs just can’t. I ran few steps then I stopped & walk. Pity TanSu. I know dia lagi penat ikut my pace sebab dia dah biasa lebih laju dari tu kan. Tapi dia never gave up on me. So walk-run it is. Till the final kilometer. I saw a lot of runners yang dah siap habis lari with their medal & finisher’s tee. O.M.G I am sooo jealous. I want that tee too!! Out of nowhere I started running.  Makin lama makin laju haha.. ramai supporters along the road cheered for me. Mostly kawan-kawan TanSu lah..

Saya memang kenal ramaaaaiii runners handalan. Tapi saya je kenal diorang, diorang bukannya kenal saya pun.. hahaha!

Nampak photographer memang lah senyum, lepas ambil gambar terus moncong panjang

Then I saw jam besar atart starting line tu clock 6:24 means dah 6 jam 24 minit saya berlari (lari ke? Banyak jalan aje kot..haha) TanSu said “Come on Tan… kita kejar 6:25! 6:25!! Come on!” Hailmi (TanSu’s friend) also came and ran with us sambil cakap “Cepat laa heeehhh!! Sikit je lagi!!”

suffer twincity
See lah my face! Penat sangat. bahu pun rasa nak jatuh ke bumi.

Finally saya finished in 6:25:01 and I am so happy tersengih-sengih macam kerang busuk. Kami pergi collect medal & finisher-tee idaman saya yang tertulis FINISHER FULL MARATHON.


Never too late you all, never too late. I can, you can! 6 hours 25 freaking minutes!! Whooootttt??

vfm twincity

This is indeed the sweetest birthday present ever!! Or shall I say saltiest?! Because I was sweating like a mad cow & smell like a dead goat! Now I believe the quote that says

When you cross the finish line, no matter how slow or fast, it will change your life forever

Running a Marathon really changed my life, my perspective, the way I see myself & the way I see others. Marathon had changed how I focus, how I appreciate things, how I appreciate life.

I’m a slow runner but I am now a proud marathoner. Are you? Will you?


Till Malaysia Women Marathon in March you guys… tata!!!


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